excerpts from Spiffies and Loonies

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As you know, I have created booklets, each devoted to a single character of my sitcom Spiffies and Loonies. For instance all the episodes in which Mrs. Hazel Twittle performs have been collected under a single cover titled Mrs. Hazel Twittle. I deposited all the booklets to the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF). The rule for all my books is a single copy because 1) the original batch declared is below 300 copies [I declare 10.], 2) the printer / publisher [Lulu] is a foreign company with its headquarters abroad.
Now, the good news, the BNF has recently informed me these booklets fall in the category of "off-prints" therefore needn't be legally deposited in so far as the texts are already copyrighted and deposited in the original sitcom.They offered to send me back these booklets at their own expense. I accepted.
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