Just met with a bookstore owner.

I just had a drop-in meeting with a bookstore owner in my local area. I found her having lunch. She often has book-signing events and features a local-author area in her used-and-new bookstore.

I asked about scheduling a book-signing event, and met with favorable results. We are tentatively scheduled to "Release" my "Coding Hour" (some of you helped with the cover) on 10/4/2019 (for you Europeans, 4/10/2019). My cost FOB from Lulu Express is ~$6; she will buy at $9 and sell to the public at $14. If she needs to reorder (hope, hope, hope) I will provide her a direct sale link from Lulu. She was also interested in stocking Bell, Book, and Bullets and A Trufflesome Murder in smaller quantities.

Let me just say WOOHOO! We'll see how it goes, and I'll keep you posted... Still a tentative thing as of now. But I might have just sold 12-16 copies at $9 per.

Thought you'd all be interested; Go thou and do likewise.


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