Table of Contents Issue

Hello - am having table of contents issues with my collection of performance poems and genuinely at a loss as to why this is. Would be immensely grateful if someone could have a look, it'll probably be something really obvious.

Will mention you on the thanks page, goes without saying!!

Many Thanks in advance.


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian Librarian
    Assign a Heading Style 1 to the title of your book and the first line of the copyright notice and you will be good to go.
  • Daz_Pearce1982Daz_Pearce1982 Reader Reader
    Thanks - have done that or at least thought I had, any chance you could have a glance at the file attached? Should be a thirty second thing if you know...
  • oncewasoncewas Librarian Librarian

    You didn’t say if this was for a print book or for an ebook.

    To generate a table of contents for a print book first highlight the name of each chapter (in this case poem) then click on Heading 1 in the ribbon of the Home tab. Now, on the page you wish the table of contents to appear on, type Table of Contents and then place the cursor underneath this. Then click on References / Table of Contents / Custom Table of Contents. I did not see any page numbers in your document so untick Show Page Numbers and then set Show Levels (under General) to 1 and OK.

    For an ebook highlight the name of the book, the first line of the copyright notice and the name of each poem and set these to Heading 1. Lulu will generate the table of contents automatically for you.


  • Daz_Pearce1982Daz_Pearce1982 Reader Reader
    Just wanted to say thanks - up and running now...


  • LarikaLarika Bibliophile Bibliophile
    edited August 12
    So oncewas solved your problem and your poems are interesting. I just thought this website might be helpful if you intend to sell your performance poetry.    However this site says don't bother with grammar.  It's up to you GOOD LUCK. It's good to see poetry on Lulu.
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