Another possible cover for Coding Hour

Something about a road sign on the ground makes me think of small towns. Maybe a couple of bullet holes for effect?

This is going with the  Keep It Simple, Silly philosophy of cover design.

Would added elements, apparently "dropped" next to the sign add or detract from it? What elements might be helpful?

For the back cover, I'm thinking of using the same sign as a frame, with the Blurb, Teaser, and Bar Code inside the frame. Possibly a couple other elements to clarify the genre...


  • A_A_CainA_A_Cain Oz Author
    Coding Hour as a title might be problematic. People are going to ask what a road sign has got to do with software. It needs some more clues as to genre.
  • Skoob_ymSkoob_ym Teacher
    Good point. The thumb drive and the badge have to work in there somewhere.

    Or I could change the title to "Crime Drama in a Small Town with Codes and Coding." But that's not gonna fit on the sign. :D B)
  • Ron MillerRon Miller Professor's a strikingly simple, graphic idea, which is very good.

    But I am not so sure that seeing a sign laying on a bed of grass is really getting across the idea I think you are after. The arrangement is also a little too tidy, with everything nice and squared up with the cover's margins.

    First, I think I would suggest not placing the sign on the ground. Second, I would suggest not making the cover so neat and symmetrical. At the very least, tip the sign at an angle. This will add a subtle sense of drama and of something being amiss.

    I am not too sure, either, about the title and author name being so equal in size and weight.

    And, yes, some bullet holes would help.

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