Make sure Lulu website is secure

I am duplicating this posting to ensure it gets noticed by others as i feel this is very important.
I have just noticed that when I go to my author spotlight page, in the URL browser bar it show that the page is NOT SECURE.  I think I am loosing sales because of this going by the page view stats on my own website.
Also it appears many pages on LULU are not encrypted (even this page I am on now), which will put people off using the site.
This needs addressing ASAP.  It is just fortunate I have global distribution that people can use, but I have made hardly any sales direct from LULU in a  long time.
Please look into this because i feel this is an urgent matter for all authors and for Lulu revenues.
PS. I do not know if this is 'browser sensitive' but I get this 'not secure' message in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge


  • PPS. To my post above (The forum will not let me use the edit function?) but i want to add that I do not get any sales even when i add the promotion information to my website?  
  • oncewasoncewas Librarian
    Very few people make any sales on Lulu. Don't feel bad; it is just the way it is. In fact, most of my revenue comes from just one source so even distribution doesn't do that much for me.
  • I usually only make 3 or 4 sales on lulu per month. Mine are mostly from Amazon or Itunes. I don't like having to use a specific browser to go through the site. I was using Mozilla Firefox which is very secure and couldn't access the forums at all. It also wouldn't let me enter using my password without using the Captcha thing. Still can't. I have to use a different browser based on Chrome which I despise to get into here. Otherwise I get a message about something not secure. I was getting messages from Charter that the site was not secure and it was blocking me getting in.. I had to call them and explain things. Still can't use Firefox. I even tried using Linux and no go. 
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