"Your source file generated an error"

Hi, I keep getting the above "error" message when I try to create a print-ready file. At this point, the pdf has already been attached successfully. All fonts are embedded. File not too big. Not doing anything different... any ideas? Thanks.


  • A_A_CainA_A_Cain Oz Author
    Try reverting to your source Docx - that might work better. I had the same problem, the Lulu converter didn't like the pdf I was providing.

    Using the docx solved all problems - if you have a TOC, you might need to check that - the Word pagination and the print-ready pagination can change, so you might need an iteration or two.
  • MaggieMaggie Creator
    Just go back and forth a few times. Your file will be accepted. It's just a glitch.
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  • KeevesKeeves Author
    I got this message once. Very frustrating. It would be nice is the massage gave some sort of clue about what the error was.

    I contacted Lulu support, and sent the file directly to a techie. If I remember correctly, he said my PDF was made with a too-new version of the software, and I had to use a different PDF converter to get it right.  Your problem might be similar or different. Contact Lulu and ask for their help.
  • MaggieMaggie Creator
    edited June 14
    I've had that message 50 times. Always a glitch, fixed with 10 annoying minutes of back and forward.

    And as Keeves says, if it doesn't work, contact Lulu Support.
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  • SeamusSeamus Creator
    I got it when making an ebook, Lulu tech looked at it and found the little circle C copyright emblem I used was corrupt! go figure!
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