Green areas on cover preview

apowell0314apowell0314 Reader Reader
In book preview there's a weird green area showing on my cover that is not on the uploaded pdf file. Why is this and will this show on the actual print? If so how do I remove this? 



  • MaggieMaggie Creator Creator
    edited June 10
    The green area is telling you where your cover text shouldn't be. Like a guide. Download your PDF cover at the final stage before you click Publish. This is what your cover will look like to buyers.

    From what I see, you need to move your text a bit to the left, and decrease its size slightly so it fits within the bold bars easily.
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  • A_A_CainA_A_Cain Creator Oz Creator
    It's the boundary for your cover content. You need to "stay within the box." The green surround doesn't appear on the printed cover.

    As Maggie says, you need to shift your title left to make sure it doesn't get cut off.
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