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First time here and looking for some help.  I've created and formatted my book in Word on a Mac, setting the page size to be 6" x 9", which is what I want for my final book size.  When I export as a PDF, it defaults to 8.5" x 11", which then, of course, Lulu won't accept.  I cannot figure out how to change the page size  I've google for directions, followed those directions, and they still don't work.  (They also seemed way more complex than I though they should be for the task.)  Any suggestions or thoughts?  I have Acrobat DC and these are the directions I've tried:  https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/Change-PDF-page-size-in-MAC.html


  • MaggieMaggie Creator
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    Under Layout up top in Word make sure your size is 6x9.

    For Lulu it's good enough if you Save As PDF with, under Options, ISO selected.

    Or, download the free DoPDF software. It lets you confirm the size and resolution under Properties before printing.

    Very useful software.

    Good luck.
  • ArleneCArleneC Reader
    I don't see any Options when I go to Save As pdf - it is actually saying Export As PDF, if that makes any difference.  No Options.  Not sure what ISO is.

    I don't want to print this document, I just want it saved to be a certain page size - I run into the print option on Preview, but it doesn't allow me to save, only print.
    I tried just uploading the file as a .docx, thinking Lulu will accept docx and when I click on "make print-ready file", I get the message "Please visit Lulu Support for More Assistance."  I don't have the slightest idea what I need assistance on.

    Can you tell the frustration level is high?  Thank you for any ideas and support anyone can give!
  • MaggieMaggie Creator
    Yes, you want to print. It's sounds odd, but print as PDF. See if you can find that Option under Print.

    Please, just download DoPDF and try under Print again.
  • Hi ArleneC,

    Maggie is correct. We have authors who use DoPDF  as well as their Mac version and it works fine with our system.

    I have Microsoft Word for Mac as well. You have to click File > Page Set Up > Click on the sizes > Click Custom Size. You will need to create a custom size of 6x9.

    Otherwise, when Word exports the PDF, it will be the default US Letter (8.5x11).
  • MaggieMaggie Creator
    Very useful information. I would pin it.
  • KeevesKeeves Writer
    I have found that in many cases, I would be searching for "Export as PDF", or "Save as PDF", and then I give up, unable to find it. Here is what you actually need to do: Simply click "Print" and then go to change the printer. Instead of "HP DeskJet 1234" or "Brother Inkwaster 5678", you need to select "Killer PDF App That I Just Downloaded". Don't worry about the fact that you clicked "Print" - no paper will be harmed by this procedure. The App will receive the document and create a file.
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