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My account lists a print book sold through Ingram's US, but with zero dollars revenue showing.

Is this a timing thing, where Lulu has received advice of the sale, but the dollars haven't been reconciled yet?  I'm guessing the distribution has different alerts.

Nice to know though - my very first print sale (other than my own proof copy)!

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  • A_A_CainA_A_Cain Oz Writer
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    Maggie said:
    It would be great to know what you find out.
    The tiny margin I thought I'd get from the global distribution partners was swallowed up by their "margin" and a slump in the Australian dollar.

    Half the book price was the pod production cost - fair enough - but the other half went into Ingram's pocket as their "fee." Still, somebody bought the book, so I hope they liked it.

    I see now how the on-line retailers line their pockets with the proceeds. A writer writes something, a computer does all the work to produce the book, and some shareholder somewhere gets a burger and fries, and I don't even get a coke.

    It sucks, but it's the business model, not much can be done unless you excessively price the book, and then no-one buys it.


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