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Hi all,

I'm new to this, so help me out. I'm a seasoned graphic (print) design professional who wants to design my book in InDesign (the latest Adobe Creative Suite). Before I get started I want to know if that is possible to do this using Lulu. Must I use the limited fonts they suggest? I can produce my own PDFs for the ebook... After the eBook will want to do a printed version.

I don't want to start on this to find out it's not possible to create. Please get me up to speed!

Thank you! 



  • MaggieMaggie Creator
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    It's much better to do a print book first, that way you start off with high resolution images and reduce for ebook.

    Also, ebook must be an epub, not a PDF.  Design options are limited as it's based on reflowable text.

    Read up as much as you can here on Knowledgebase and come back and ask questions if you get stuck.

    Good luck.
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  • InDesign can export an EPUB from your INDD file too. But like Maggie said, the design will naturally want to be more limited to allow for the reflowable nature of EPUBs.
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