Shipping charge

1.If I avail express print facility offered by LULU,  how much it will be charged for shipping a copy to India? Shipping charge is not mentioned anywhere.
2. Is there a sample copyright page which I can use as a model? I am using the ISBN no that LULU gives, so can I keep LULU PRESS as my publisher?


  • Hi Susan,

    1) To get the best estimate of the shipping cost to a destination, it is recommended to enter the shipping address (like you were ordering a book) and proceed through the order process.
    You do not have to place the order. You can proceed to the shipping step and back out of the order. This will show you all available methods and their costs to that destination.

    2) We have our copyright FAQ here that provides a sample copyright page. We own the ISBN so our imprint name is listed. We appear as the publisher to our retailers but  you are the publisher of your own work and the sole copyright owner.
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