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After placing an order  last week for a few books that I plan to use as ARCs, I realized that I need to get one copy to another author for a blurb somewhat urgently before he travels. So I'm trying to estimate whether placing a new order to be shipped directly to him will get there faster than me crossing my fingers that the first order will reach me in time for me to then priority mail a copy to him. But I'm finding it almost impossible to make that estimate. I just called customer service to see if I could upgrade the shipping on my first order. Here's what I was told by a very polite but totally unhelpful rep:

The books are still in the printing process but the shipping method can't be changed and there's no way of knowing where they are being printed or where they will ship from in order to roughly estimate how many days within the 5-15 day mail time frame they might take to reach me in MA. All she knows is that they are currently being printed "somewhere in the eastern hemisphere."

I'm not sure what to do with that. It's not like the books are taking longer to print than estimated, but I don't know how the shipping can be so set in stone and yet so much of an unknown and unpredictable factor.


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    A simple answer is to email it to him, if all you want is some blurb for it. The reason why Lulu gave you that reply is possibly that Lulu do not actually print or ship the products, so have little control over it.
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    Our printing times are estimates and we cannot guarantee that it will print on a certain date.
    We do make exceptions to upgrading the shipping when needed.
    I do apologize we cannot provide closer estimates then 5-15 business days.
    Once the tracking information is created, we will have a better idea of when it will arrive.
    After getting the approximate arrival date from the tracking information, you can then decide to place a new order or send them the PDF like Kevin suggested.
  • Wind23Wind23 Reader
    Thank you for the help! Much appreciated.
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