Royal - bigger / 6x9 - smaller, yet . . .

The Royal is far less expensive, and it doesn't add up. I am not against Royal, it looks quite solid and oldy-worldy in fact, but my real choice was 6 x 9, I sort of think of that as the standard, at least for me. But in order to knock around £3.00GB off the price, I had to convert to Royal. Is this intentional? Or a bug? If it is intentional, what is the thinking behind it? It just seems odd to make a bigger book far less expensive to both authors and buyers on Lulu. Paul? Anyone? Cheers. JH


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    I don't quite understand what you are talking about. I have just had a look in the UK store and there isn't a 6 x 9 option. The closest is A5 (14.81 x 20.99 cm) and both the A5 and the Royal options in the Value line of books cost £ 2.80 per 100 pages. The A5 in the Standard line costs £ 2.95 per 100 pages.

  • You can swap to the US store and choose from the range there; the sizes seemingly kept for the US are also printed here. But, the price was around £3.00GB higher than the Royal. But I don't think we (UKers) should have to do that, and 6 x 9 was available to all regions up until relatively recently. I know that the Royal is seen as a more European book size, but I prefer 6 x 9.
  • Hi Everyone,

    To select the 6x9 option in the UK store, you have to first select "Black and White on Cream" for the interior ink option. You will then be able to select US Trade. In choosing a Black and White book with 100 pages, I found the price to be £3.05 for 6x9 and £2.95 for Royal size.
    However, we don't recommend comparing print costs in between different stores as print costs vary across our international print network.

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    I think there's a pricing bug like there was with the A5 a while back.  I am seeing a far higher price for the Value Royal, than the Premium Royal. I am getting a base price of £14.24 for a Value Royal, 672 pages, but £11.53 for a Premium Royal, 672 pages. And this is all on the UK site.
  • Hi John,

    The value line is a newer product line in the UK and the pricing was updated more recently than the premium line. The premium product line is still listed under an older pricing structure that does not take into account recent price increases in the printing industry.

    Our prices will be changing as we get closer to our new platform. In a lot of instances (especially full color), the pricing is more competitive.

    This was also discussed previously on this thread .

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