Unrecoverable Error?

Arachis_2013Arachis_2013 Florida Panhandle Writer
So I'd been uploading epubs without problem, including one just an hour or so earlier, and now I get an 'unrecoverable error' message on the latest. I've no idea what might cause that nor how to fix it.


  • Arachis_2013Arachis_2013 Florida Panhandle Writer
    Well, never mind. If I just go back to the upload page and hit save it lets me carry on.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    Indeed. Anything can cause it, even a knot in a wire somewhere, just have another go.
  • I have my epub formatted properly with Heading 1,2,3, etc, but it will not convert at Lulu. (unknown error)  I tried another converter and end up with no table of contents. This is a revision of an epub that converted successfully about 4 years ago. Anybody know of a good converter I can try, or any suggestions?
  • Hi Helena,

    I am creating a support case for you with our team so that we can determine why it's not converting.
  • Thank you. I am in contact with a support person. I've been using Lulu for over 10 years, and they remain top of the line for indie authors. Always very responsive to issues whenever problems present themselves.
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