Is the cover wizard used to create the covers of a softcover book?

I am creating a hard cover book and confused about the cover wizard step.
As my book has a blue linen cover, Is the cover wizard  used to create the  the front and back covers of a soft cover book? 


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    All printed books. A cover is a cover :) But if you opt for a dustjacket also, you will have to use the Advanced Cover Wizard, which can be a bit complex.
  • Thanks for your reply 
    so the image and graphics would be  printed on the linen finish, or would a different finish be used for the hard cover?
  • The linen cover includes a dust jacket. The cover designer is for the jacket. The linen itself can have embossed text on the spine, but any designs (image, text, etc.) is for the jacket.
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