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Hiya got question about publishing book and buying a proof copy.

hiya, am working on sci-fi story, i plan publish, after i get done on it, i wanted do print copy, but looking at some info on here,it telling me i would have buy proof copy, would i need pay for proof copy if so, would be better do eBook first so i can get funds do the printed book? am on disability so my cash goes to bills a lot.  


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    Hi. Yes, you must purchase a proof copy of the printed book but at a discount. It's usually around £5 or equivalent. The proof copy is necessary for you to check the finished article. I normally publish the print book followed by the ebook. That is your decision.  


  • thanks hulsey, going do ebook first than so i can have money to do the proof copy later.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    Can I ask if you are going to write it in English?
  • uh yes am going write it in English
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    Gosh. It was a reasonable suggestion that I am sure many others here would suggest, as they usually do!
  • Gosh. It was a reasonable suggestion that I am sure many others here would suggest, as they usually do!

    I agree, having re-read the original post.
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  • i do not know if you where making fun of me or just being rude, i did not find comment funny. I I'm natural English speaker, but does not mean i don't have problems, i do have bad grammar, when i post on forum my brain goes in basic mode, i don't think use grammarly check my posts. have good day.

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    I was taking your postings in here as an example, and offering you solid advice towards a saleable book, why that was Flaggable is beyond me, and why my reply about it was also Flagged is a mistery. You should not have to use tools to check your writings, they are not that good at it.
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    The post was not a request for feedback on writing style or skill, it was a simple question about logistics.
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