Limit of characters on the spine of the 6x9 hardcover edition

SurazeusSurazeus Writer Writer
What is the limit of characters on the spine of the 6x9 hardcover edition? 

Back in 2013, I created a 6x9 book and used a title with too many characters, so the hardcover edition printed with no title at all on the spine. The author name printed, but the title did not print.

I had to create a new edition of the book with a title that used fewer letters so the title would print on the spine of the hardcover edition. 

I had asked in this forum what the limit was, and a Lulu person told me the character limit. I thought I had recorded the value but I cannot find it now. 

If I recall the total number of characters allowed on a hardcover spine for both title and author name was a total of 42 characters, including spaces. 

Can someone verify that that is the correct number of characters that will print on the spine of the 6x9 hardcover edition? 


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius Lulu Genius
    The simple answer is, whatever will fit on. That's what I found anyway. There's no fixed character count as such that I know of, and it can depend on what size font you use anyway, but there is a minimum size of font that can be used and if there's a lot of words in that tiny font, then it will not fit. It's actually auto-placed and sized by the 'normal' cover wizard.
    If you use the Advanced Cover Wizard no doubt you can stick more than one line on the spine by creating the cover as one image and uploading it, but it's not easy, and of course, the thickness of the book can dictate what you can get on it, and still be readable.

    But having said all of that, I have just looked at one of mine and there's room for far more than 42 characters even in a font large enough to read.
  • Paul_LuluPaul_Lulu Admin Admin
    42 is the character count for embossed spine text. This text is added to the cover at a set size, so we can be very exacting with the space allowed. Here's the knowledge base article with more detail.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius Lulu Genius
    Ah, okay. That's just an option with hardbacks with a dustjacket is it not? (Indeed from the link that seems to be the case.) An expensive option, but a shame such text cannot also be applied to paperbacks  :(
  • Paul_LuluPaul_Lulu Admin Admin
    Yes, the foil stamping is only for dust jacket hardcovers.
  • SurazeusSurazeus Writer Writer
    edited January 25
    Just to verify. That 42 character count that includes both Title and Author Name, does that total include spaces as well? Or are only actual letters counted to the total of 42 characters? 
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius Lulu Genius
    I would assume it includes spaces, because all spaces are are 'missing' letters.
  • Paul_LuluPaul_Lulu Admin Admin
    I would assume it includes spaces, because all spaces are are 'missing' letters.
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