Problem with landscape pages

My book will be "Royal" size (15.57cm x 23.39cm). At one point, I have a section that includes a few landscape pages (i.e. same paper size but the other way round). They are pages imported into my MS Word document from MS Excel.

When I saved as PDF and uploaded to Lulu, an error message said I can't have two different paper sizes in the same book. But they aren't different sizes, just different orientations. Even my ancient home-printer can handle that.

Is there a recommended workaround?


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian
    Simple answer? No. You can't have portrait and landscape orientation within the same PDF as the PDF size is set when creating it. If the PDF size is set to portrait then some of the landscape document would not be able to print.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    It's a book, so like any book the pages are all the same way up and size, so that is what you need to upload to the Project Wizard. (All pages 15.57cm  x 23.39cm".) If you need the landscape orientation for some content then you need to 'spin' that content sideways. If whatever you are creating in is unable to do that then you may have to create that content as a Landscape jpg, spin it, then paste it to the page. Remember that it should usually be sized to fit between the margins, also.
  • Kevin is exactly right. Keep all of the pages in the book in the same orientation and instead move the content on individual pages in the direction it needs to be.
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  • oncewasoncewas Librarian
    Silly me, I've just noticed that the OP had created a PDF, in which case why has this problem arisen. The book should print as per the PDF, should it not. The PDF would not have been created if the pages were not all the same size, and the same orientation, so even though there are some landscape pages they would all have been rotated and now are aligned in portrait mode, and you would have to rotate the book to see them properly.

    Perhaps the OP has not expressed him or herself very well? Is it possible to upload two PDF and try to convert from that?
  • I've just had a closer look at the PDF. It does indeed flip by 90 degrees when it comes to the Excel inserts. The PDF clearly changes from portrait to landscape at that point. I hadn't noticed (or even bothered to think about it) because my ancient home printer printed the whole PDF without a murmur.

    Many thanks for all your replies. I will investigate how to rotate the Excel pages in the first place.
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