Well done Ute Manecke

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I wrote to Ute a few days ago and asked her if she was going to make her book into an ebook as I'd like to read it. Today i find out I was not the only one who was attracted to her book! WELL DONE UTE.

Lulu book deal competition winner

Ute Manecke

Writing Magazine teamed up with Lulu.com to offer a complete publishing package, including marketing and PR, to one lucky reader in our exclusive competition.

We were looking for a previously unpublished novel manuscript which has obvious mass appeal and deserves to reach a wider audience.

The winner was Ute Manecke, born in southern Germany but now resident in Milton Keynes, where she works as a librarian at the Open University. Ute's book The Snowstorm brings together five disparate characters in a barn during a snowstorm on New Year's Eve and explores their interconnected relationships as they reveal themselves to each other.

Runner-up was Stephen Whitehouse, Birmingham, a nurse and careers advisor, who predominantly writes speculative fiction. His novel Sole Mate tells the story of two people whose love spans 12,000 years and various reincarnations.

Lulu.com will publish Ute's winning book later this year, with full marketing and PR support.



  • The book had an outstanding cover, too!
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  • Cool!
    Tim Reinholt Author of Pow, a ski bum heist adventure
  • Indeed, very well done.

    It does appear well written, and have a good cover. It will be interesting to see what professional editing and cover design, plus Lulu's full marketing and PR support does for it.

  • The book had an outstanding cover, too!
    Remember, Ron, you can't judge a cover by its book!

    All kidding aside, I liked the effect of the font and how it merged into the artwork.
  • Can you judge a cover by its book though?

  • UteUte Reader
    Thank you so much, Larika, for promoting it and everyone else for your kind comments. Sorry I got back so late. I have not been checking threads as carefully as I should have done so I have missed this and messages. And to answer your previous question, Larika, I have now also made the book available as an e-book. :-) I hope you're all doing well. 
    What are you currently working on? 
  • LarikaLarika Bibliophile
    I'll check it out Ute. I hope your book is doing well. At present I'm working on a joint book with my writing group, so my third book in the series about Saudi Arabia is on hold, as are my revisions of some of my earlier books.
    Congratulations, Ute. I will check your book out. I've recently published my thirtieth book with Lulu and am working on another novel. Good luck with the book.
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