I was under the impression that the Global Reach service allowed me to make my book available on Amazon including Unfortunately it only lists my book on the UK site but says that it's unavailable, which means that all my friends and acquaintances (I am based in the UK) think it's not available at all until I mention the site to them, which merely gives them the price in US dollars and possibly charges them extra on shipping and taxes. How can I change the availability on Is it possible? It's very inconvenient, as it is. If it's not possible, I wonder whether I should leave some form of message there. 


  • Amazon UK is included in our distribution service. It's possible they haven't finished reviewing the files and made the book available.
    Amazon's US site often lists books ahead of the international ones. And they are notorious for taking longer than any other distribution service to approve a book.
    You can double check with our support team, but most likely it will appear on the UK site shortly.
  • Thank you, Paul. That's very helpful. So they would already list the book but not make price and order details available on the Amazon UK site? How can I get in touch with your support team? 
  • Here's the link to support.
    Amazon will list the book as soon as they receive our request to list it, but will mark it unavailable until they've done their internal review. It's quite annoying but one of those things about Amazon we have no control over.
  • Ah, thank you. That explains it. Thank you also for the link, Paul. 
  • It's not unusual for Amazon to display a new book a bit at a time. Just the cover first usually, but eventually it will all be listed on every Amazon site worldwide, and a good many not-Amazon sites also.

    Unlike Amazon, though, some places do not seem to update any Revisions.

  • Thanks for that, Kevin. 
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