what has happened to my links

LarikaLarika Bibliophile
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I have been away from the forums for a long time, plus it took me a while to finish my latest book. However when I returned a few days ago, I noticed that when I posted a comment, my links didn't appear at the bottom like they used to. Could anyone tell me why?


  • Likely that we did an update and your signature lines were lost or just need to be turned on again. I'm on mobile at the moment, but when I'm at my computer again I'll have a look.
  • LarikaLarika Bibliophile
    edited October 2018
    Thank you Paul. I'll check out the signature lines.
     I got back my Lulu shop!!
  • I went back through some logs last night, and I couldn't find any edits to the signature line. It's really strange, as I should have seen something, even a system generated message, that noted a change to your profile.
    Keep me updated if you see anything odd again.
  • LarikaLarika Bibliophile
    Paul, I have been on Lulu for a very long time. However if memory serves me right my name then was larika and I had a cartoon of myself as my picture. I'll put something back on for my picture using my computer where my images are stored. 
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