Discount coupon still available?

When I published my previous book with Lulu (8 years ago -- yikes!), there was an option to set up a discount code that one could give to friends or whoever.  (This is different than setting a discounted price for anyone who buys from the Lulu store as opposed to Amazon or wherever.)  I searched the knowledge base but can't find anything about this now.  Is it still possible to do this?


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    I don't recall a discount code, but what some do is create a duplicate book set to Direct, at a discounted price, and only those you give the link to can see and buy it. It does not even need an ISBN.
  • Hi classiclang,

    I am not aware that we offered this feature of creating a coupon. If we did, it is no longer supported through our current platforms.

    Kevin's suggestion is a good one that many authors use. You are more then welcome to create a "custom" book where you only provide the link to a few key individuals that you want to order at a certain price.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    I do recall people suggesting it many many times over the years, but it never happened. Difficult to implement I would expect.
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