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I had no preview for my book.  Earlier today I created one with a custom page range; when I was done, I got a message to the effect "Please wait, creating your preview" and then the preview displayed as intended.  But now when I go to the project page, I cannot access the preview.  All other information is correctly shown on the project page.  Any suggestions?


  • Hi classiclang,

    What book are you referring to? I see the book "As Fingers Seek the Harp" that is in General Access does have a preview.

  • classiclangclassiclang Author
    edited October 2018
    Thank you, Taylor; that's the right book.  But how does one get to see the preview from the product page?  That's where people will be taken if they search or if I send them information about the book.  I just tried again (using a different browser) and could not access the preview.  I clicked on the cover and elsewhere and nothing happened.  I don't see any "Click here to see preview" or such.
    Also, if I go to My Projects and double-click the title, then click View Book Preview, I am taken to the product page not the preview.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    The tiny More Detail link (it could be much larger) opens the individual book's page.

    Below the book's cover image is another tiny link saying Preview. There are times when there's quite a lag before it appears, at times it does not appear.

    But click on it and the Preview frame will open. Usually.

    Our Spotlights often have far more books than one on, I have no idea how many mine now has on! and that's where people often land via a Lulu book search. So if people are interested in a particular book they click More Detail.

  • Thank you, Kevin.  That Preview link is really small and I guess I just didn't see it.  Also, it's in a light blue that doesn't show up well on my screen.  Taylor, could that button be made more visible?  If someone is contemplating buying a book, it would be really helpful for them to know that they can check out some content via a preview.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    Well I also say those links are tiny, and I am looking at them on a 28" monitor! What do they look like on a 6" Smartphone? Perhaps Amazon's site could be use as an example?
  • Hi Classiclang,

    I do agree that the preview link is difficult to see.

    Unfortunately, It is very difficult to make changes to our current platform and we are focused on preparing for the holiday season.

    I can assure you both that it has definitely been brought up to our development team and I have no doubt that it will be fixed in the new platform we are creating.
  • Thank you, Taylor  — I understand and look forward to the new platform. 
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