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free ebook a novel about suicide bombers

LarikaLarika Bibliophile
edited October 2018 in eBooks

What can happen following 9/11 when suicide bombers are blowing themselves up. An exciting story with a gripping end. Where will you and family be when the next suicide bomber decides to blow himself up? Suicide bombers still believe fervently that they will enter Paradise by ending their earthly lives and killing 'infidels'. The tale is about the life of a young member of a Hamas Battle Cell. It details the deeply religious and historical rationale for his creed, going back to the time of the infamous hashish-driven 'Assassins' of early Islam, and leading him eventually to the target in the USA that is his objective.


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Where will you and YOUR family be when the next suicide bomber decides to blow himself up?

    I am puzzled, though. 9/11 were not suicide bombers, and actual suicide bombers predate 9/11. 9/11 was also a personal revenge attack by Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda, nothing really to do with suicide bombers, who are mostly ISIS.

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