Not a day goes by without being offered a discount when one comes on to the site. Currently it's a discount on printed books (inc calendars) the discount also works on the Cost of books we create and buy. If that is possible, why can it not be added automatically to the Cost of books (with ISBNs) and wheeled out across to other sites? That would make our books cheaper on places like Amazon would it not? Would possibly also mean we would sell more, and Lulu would get their share of more book sales?

The oft discount on shipping puzzles me. Lulu do not actually print the books do they? They are shipped direct from the printers, and the printers pass on the cost (the total cost) to Lulu, no? How are Lulu able to discount that then? But if they can, why do they not make shipping cheaper in general? It's often the high cost of shipping that people say puts them off buying from the Storefronts.

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