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hello new here.  I am ready to announce my children's book to others and I noticed that when the price is set, retail sales gives me a commission of zero if I set it with lulu I do make a commission  so if I set global distribution, will it always be zero or how to I go about and fix that so I can earn a commission on the book through amazon , barnes and noble etc....thank you for your help.  If I posted this in the wrong spot I apologize.  did research on retail and could not come up with the answer I need.  


  • Well, you have to set it so you do make a profit. The tool allows you to adjust the price. It's cheaper on a Lulu Storefront because there's no middleman.
  • BTW, could I interest you in additional punctuation?  :)
  • Hi Patty_123,

    If you log in and go to My Projects, then click on the title of the project, you'll see a screen with detailed information about your book. From this page you can edit the pricing and see the calculations of revenue for Lulu sales and retailers sales.

    The retail earning will always be lower because they take a larger cut of the profits.
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