can I chose to not distribute a book?

I would like to have lulu print a book for me, but I would like to only have it available for my family and friends; is that possible? From the video and info available, it looks like I could chose to "Make available to me only" ... and not chose to have a isbn number. It also looks like we can upload our word 2016 docx file for the interior of the book and not need to convert to a pdf.


  • You've surmised correctly, you can create a book here and just use Lulu as the printer, or, as the agent for the printer to be more accurate. You just keep it available to you, and that's it. Make sure your files are correctly sized though, pick a book size, size the files to match, use the tools to create a cover or upload your own, carry on to the end of the process - done, you can then buy the book. Don't forget about the intermediate option though, and that is the direct URL, the book listing cannot be accessed via a general search, but anyone you supply the URL to can find it, peruse it, buy it etc, so you are in total control of who sees it. Holler on these forums if you get stuck, there's always someone who can help. Best of luck.
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