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Will Amazon link my CreateSpace paperback and Lulu hardcover?

Hi! I've published a paperback with CreateSpace and a kindle with KDP. They were both the same book, just different editions. Amazon linked their product pages automatically after two days. If I publish a hardcover edition of the same book with Lulu, will Amazon link all three product pages together? Thanks.


  • First of all I have to ask, why are they not the same editions? Should they not be the same book, no matter what the media?

    Secondly I will ask, why not also publish a hardback there?

    Anyway, I publish printed books and ePubs here, but I also publish the same stories via KDP. (I do not click the Amazon box in my ePub Manage Dist on Lulu.) A few days ago I tried to link my kindles with my printed books on Amazon with the offer a discount tool, and the system simply did not work. However, I have not as yet tried it on Amazon Author Central. I don't see it as a problem though because all your books will be listed under your name, anyway.

  • Thanks for answering! When I said same book, different edition, I just meant in terms of ISBN since different media requires a different ISBN and technically constitutes a different edition.

    I didn't publish a hardcover with CreateSpace because it's not an option. They only publish paperback.

    What you've said about linking is helpful. Thank you very much!
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