Kindle books not increased.

Two or three months ago, I increased the prices of my ebooks Global to £2-99. I noticed this morning on Amazon UK that the prices of the books differed, and one actually offered at £1-77. I checked my projects on revision to see they do actually show £2-99. Anyone any idea why the prices on Amazon are low and not consistent?   


  • wildwindwildwind Publisher
    Amazon can, and does, sell books at less than the list price stipulated by the author. You will still receive the royalty based on the list price you set.
    Okay, thanks, Wildwind. It just seemed strange that every one of my e-books I set at the same price but there's a vast difference between some of them on Amazon. Anyway, I sent a query to the admins.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    You will often also notice that 3rd party sellers have them for sale for many prices, at times adding a crazy 1000%! Even second-hand ones will be for sale when you have not as yet sold any. It's one of the reasons why Amazon still list even deleted books, because the original page will list all other Amazon sellers that may still have one in stock (even though it is POD!)
    The response from an admin verified my complaint. He agreed that two of the books were selling at a far reduced cost and others not the price I set. This was Amazon UK and .com. Only my latest books were advertised at the correct price. Anyway, he's going to look into it and contact Amazon. After Wildwind's response, I checked my revenue and it appears I am being paid approximately the returns I expected. This endorses Wildwind's theory. Strange... 
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    Any retailer can set any price they wish, even sell at a loss if they want to, but you should still get the royalties you set here at Lulu.
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    Kevin is correct.

    Our retailers can choose to set a discount on the title or set it for a different price.

    This is detailed in our Global Reach Agreement.

    However, you will still get paid the same amount of royalties as long as there is no currency conversion. If we have to convert the royalties, there will be some variation based upon current exchange rates.
  • Indeed. I set my royalties low because POD is expensive, but I noticed that at least one of my books had 'adjusted' to not be marked to make any royalties at all! I had to assume it was indeed due to what Taylor said, and readjusted it.
  • I priced one of my books $2.99 and for over a year Amazon has been selling it at $1.40 which has increased sales quite a bit. Now they raised it to $2.50 and my sales dropped dramatically. I've noticed that they price books differently than what I price them all the time but I've always gotten my set profit regardless of what Amazon sells it at.
    Amazon UK were selling one of my paperbacks at a vastly discounted price, somewhere around £1-70 instead of £9-99. I ordered three copies out of curiosity and after the purchase, the price reverted to the original price. Doh! Yes, I understand I will recieve the full royalty, but perhaps I could have placed a bulk order and placed them in my local bookstore. I cannot understand how Amazon can profit from such a discount. Anyway, I'll check regularly to see if any more of my books are discounted. Incidentally, my latest novel is selling around half price. Strange,   
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