In the product page could not open the preview.

In my project page, when i open the published book, I could not open the preview.

There is one notification

 “This content requires Adobe Flash Player version 8.0.0 or greater. Get Flash

 There was another pop up notification "fill the form and send it to lulu" and it is preventing to send the message to lulu.  

Is it really i need the  Adobe Flash Player version 8.0.0. ? Please help. Thank you. 


Manimekalai Chelliah

Best Answer


  • Thank you Kevin. Past 5 years, there was no problem. But past one month, lots of problem in my lulu web page. Now even in the spotlight page also  i could not open the eBooks. Last week i did the virus scan for my laptop.Only Lulu can solve the problem.
  • After updating the browser and installing the Adobe Flash player, now the system is ok.
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