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ISBN mess

978-1-387-84177-6 is ISBN but what does the title appear as on a lookup? Don't know where to look.


  • Skoob_ymSkoob_ym Teacher
    facsmth said:
    978-1-387-84177-6 is ISBN but what does the title appear as on a lookup? Don't know where to look.

    ISBN 9781387841776

    Sorry, we could not find any information for this book. Please try a different book.

  • Skoob_ymSkoob_ym Teacher
    have you already published and assigned the ISBN?
  • facsmthfacsmth Author
    I changed the book's title midstream and pretty sure I made a new project for the new title but the book printed out with old title on spine which clashes with new title on custom cover. So gotta do new project, correct the other mistakes, make sure new ISBN is correct. Gonna have to wait on ordering new proof...
  • The spine text (and front cover text) auto populates from the title you enter on the title step. That is the title that will be applied to the ISBN when connecting your book's info as well.

    I'm guessing you're making a dust jacket hardcover, which is a little bit of a pain as the spine text has to be edited in the OLD cover editor.
  • In order for the ISBN to show in a search, it will have to be on the major publishers / wholesalers' inventories, and to do that, you have to go through the process of applying a distribution package. Have you done this yet?
  • facsmthfacsmth Author
    Nope. Because of the discrepancy between the cover and the spine text. I made a third project from some revised content files. 
  • Then you will need to go through that process. Applying the ISBN generated by Lulu will not fully register away from Lulu until the book and the ISBN are fully integrated into the distribution system. That is, if you meant an outside search? If not, then I am not sure of purely internal / Lulu searches.
  • John is right.

    One thing to add: when using our search you must remove the "-" in the ISBN. Otherwise our search bar thinks the number is a product ID and you'll get thousands of hits.
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