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It can be a problem having many books and some of the same ones in a few sizes. The problem I have right now is I want to delete/retire the Pocketbook sized ones. But the only way to see which they are is to click Revise on all books in turn and look at the sizes. Can the List not be set up to display the books' sizes so it's easy to see which is which without looking via Revise?

Oh, another problem I mentioned a long time ago. When one goes back to the List from whatever within Projects, it's reset. Type has reset to 'random,' for example. Can it yet not be adjusted to recall what it was set at before one opened another Projects section then returned to?

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  • A projects page rework is part of our ongoing plan. Right now we're leaning toward the design we use on xPress (see image below) which would be collapsible. That would create a fairly clean projects page with a single click to expand per project for more information (rather than having to load a new page to see the info).

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    That's very precise, but all I need to see is the size in the Projects list  :)
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