Originally it was possible to rearrange our books in what used to be the Storefronts, but that option was removed along with the change of name to Storefront. It can be frustrating that they are listed in order of publication. A series of books, for example, need to be listed in order of series, not in order of publication where the last one published is listed first. When can we have the option back to list our books in the order we want?
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  • Oh, yes please! In the past, we made a couple of ideas, some of them were taken into consideration, but never realised. ( categories)
  • benzigerbenziger Author
    edited June 9
    Categories or keywords by which the books can be sorted would be very helpful, especially if I actively use Lulu and publish more than 2-3 books here. This would generously increase your sales.

    In the old form were a lot of very reasonable suggestions, but in all the years only the suggestions disappeared (with the old forum), unfortunately nothing implemented yet. I don't quite understand why Lulu refuses these improvements to allow us to increase sales, as Lulu participates in every sale.

    NB. If you look to the old forum: just the five first topics are about it (and the propositions were "sheduled for release" or "status: considering" - it's now about 8 years later) - you see, the internet forgets never...

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    Hrmm, I do recall it being possible to arrange our books in any order, and 8 years ago (and add videos) but the Storefronts were 'improved' and the options vanished.
  • I can't speak to 8 years ago when the new spotlights were implemented, but I can say now we have a lot of data showing that most of our users don't use the spotlights in favor of their own webpages or social profiles.
    That's a huge part of why we haven't put a lot of effort into redesigning them. Secondary to that, we're inching closer to a full site redesign. Once we have the facelift completed, we will certainly introduce some form of improved author spotlight type page. 
  • potetjppotetjp Teacher
    As it is, the spotlight is good enough to me.
  • A_A_CainA_A_Cain Oz Author
    potetjp said:
    As it is, the spotlight is good enough to me.
    Agree, it's a nice little bookshop for me - I have "Buy Here" links to it from various places.

    It's intuitive that the latest content is at the top of the page (like it is in most other list structures). The best way to keep it changing is to add more content, not shuffle it around - but the content is the slow bit:).

    Looking forward to the promised changes, Paul - any timeframe?
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