Caution Triangles on every page

Wondering what might be up with this new-to-me situation.

I went to work on a book that I have worked on many times before, ordered a copy as recently as a month or so ago, I think, and suddenly it has huge full-page yellow caution triangles with exclamation points on every page, all the way through.

Can't work on it at all, nothing is there except those images.

I tried the obvious easy stuff like "wait a few days" and "reboot" and that sort of junk, hoping it would clear up on its own, but the trouble is still there and I'm kind of at a loss about what to try next.

Any thoughts?



  • I would screen shot that and open a support ticket.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Chancellor
    Are they all images? Often that warning sign means that it does not like them for some reason.
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  • John HainesJohn Haines Creator
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    Years ago, with files for print books, if all book/file dimensions, image sizes and resolutions were correct, yet the file suddenly showed that symbol, Java was often cited as the cause, and the recommendation was to update Java. Not sure if this is still relevant though. Also, if you've reduced the book size yet images remain at the former dimensions, then that could be it, you'd need to resize the images if this is the cause. And one other variation on this, pasting from Word or similar into a doc, then using the grab handles to manually reduce the image so it fits, can be highly problematic. There is some flexibility, but if you've greatly altered the image using these, then something in Word and / or the online processing system kicks up, and you can get that symbol then too.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Chancellor
    Yes, If Word is used to manipulate an image on a page, the original still remains hidden within the file. That's often why some files seem to be much larger than they should be. Always create an image to the exact shape and size you need it to be, before you slap it on to a page.
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  • Em_PressEm_Press Publisher
    Often happens with .png files. Convert all images to .jpeg and reinsert.
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