Do you have a grandmother?

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If you do, this is the perfect gift for her. Rather than sitting around watching Netflix, knitting, looking at her phone waiting for a call, or simply thinking of lost ones, why not give her something beautiful to do? A colourful moment in time with the Lord.

Scripture based colouring books. The Bible in Greek, The Lord's Prayer in Arabic, French, Chinese, Korean, Sanskrit, Japanese, English, the entire Gospel of Luke. In fact, all the Gospels, in large simple colouring font, to engage your grandmother, or you, or your sister or wife. A really beautiful gift, and way to pause from the hustle and bustle of life, to relearn and remember the life-altering and restorative words of the Lord.


And my favourite Gospel:

 A citizen of the world.


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    Gosh! That's a lot of books, but no sorry I do not, not for decades! But why do they only have to be grandmothers?
    How Do. Pull up a chair. Would you like a cup of tea?
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    I have a friend whose father was a priest. When he died, they placed his tomb right in the churchyard, which was facing his home. His wife spent her days just staring at the tombstone -- the whole day. As a result my friend retired from his day job (a contagious diseases doctor) and took his mother on trips to visit various family members around the world. And that is how he filled her time and took her away from her thoughts.

    Not everyone has this privilege, of a son who is so wonderful. His mother is long gone now, her last years beautiful. And I gave him one of these books, thinking, these would have benefited his mother, or any other person who would rather think of the Lord than their own losses and mistakes and loneliness.

    The world is full of lonely and sad people with very little to do. Or with people with too much to do. These make one pause in richness.

    Thanks for commenting, Kevin. :)

    Within these colouring books you will find scripture or prayers in large letters that you can colour in to experience God's words in yet one more way. It will give you a beautiful moment to pause and stop thinking of the worries of life, a moment to do something meaningful and relaxing. You can colour in one word or one page a day. Some books contain, in addition to the actual scripture or prayer, Christian crosses, ornamental first letter or peace-inspiring mandalas as in the Psalms book. Colour pencils or crayons recommended. Product information. 8.5x11 paperback, 60# white interior paper, black ink outline, glossy cover finish, perfect bound.

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