Do you need to buy for book copies in order to sell them online?

hello there I am a newcomer and I just wanted to know if you have to buy your own copies of the books I order to sell them online or does lulu make copies and sell them online? And if lulu does that how much money do I get? For example let’s say there was a need of 35 books and online purchers needed to buy do I need to make copies of them and buy them and sell them online or does lulu do that for me? And if I need to do that what should I do? 


  • If you choose to have your book distributed beyond Lulu, for example to Amazon, Kobo, etc you only need to buy one copy of your book which is the proof copy. Once you approve the book it will be available for sale online. Purchasers can find it by searching in these bookstores, or you can provide a link to interested parties.

    You pay the manufacturing cost of the book which will be just a few dollars, plus shipping.

    If you want to buy books and sell them yourself you can do that too. Again you would pay the manufacturing cost, plus shipping. To know how much it costs to manufacture a particular book, go to the Lulu home page and then click on Create and choose the book size you wish to create and enter the number of pages it will contain.

  • Just to summarise; you use the publishing tools to create and publish your book, these tools are free to you, as is the Lulu store listing. As it's POD, (Print on Demand), nothing gets printed until it's purchased, and when a book is purchased, Lulu's contracted print partners print and post / ship the book out for you, you are not involved in this process at all, which is the real beauty of POD. You then earn a royalty, at the same time, Lulu gets its share. Although not adviseable, you don't need to buy any copies if you just list for sale on Lulu, but it's always best to buy one anyway to save any hassle of disgruntled customers, so do buy a copy, check if all is as it should be, if so, great, if not, then edit the project to correct the errors / make necessary improvements, then relist for sale.
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