Metadata code for series, volume number?

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I've been trying to get an e-book of mine approved for the national markets through Lulu for over a month. I kept getting the 'metadata mismatch' generic emails from Lulu which are frustrating and not very helpful. I have experience with code and can handle manually putting in any metadata I may need to. Right now, I use Sigil and check the metadata file source...

The e-book in question is part of a series and is the first book. I have the text on the cover, "The White Musketeer" (title) and below it, "Part of The Libertas League" (series). A "1" sits to the left of the title (book number in series).

I think Lulu has been rejecting my changes because I haven't specified the series text or the 1 in the metadata.

Lulu's 'top 10 reasons your e-book is rejected' article doesn't address this particular circumstance. And I can't find any Google solution to this situation, either.

Has anyone dealt with this and solved it? If so, what did you have to do?
Would I need to make sure my Lulu title is "1: The White Musketeer - Part of The Libertas League" and match the metadata title as "1: The White Musketeer - Part of The Libertas League"? I'm hoping there's another solution, as all of that is technically not the title, but I would like to be able to include, somehow, the number and series info.

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.



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