over 8 week wait?

marquesamarquesa Creator Creator
Hi all, 8 weeks ago today I recieved an email saying that my re-released ebook 'The Ray Hunters,' had passed all requirements for distribution and was in queue for all online retailers. It still doesn't show on Amazon. It appears on Nook and i-books though. I've checked my 'manage account' page and everything seems in order. I made the ebook version a free download and wanted this to come out ahead of the paperback which is on Lulu but haven't clicked yet for distro. Just wondering if Amazon and Kobo have changed their policy on allowing free downloads or does it really take longer than 8 weeks? 


  • Paul_LuluPaul_Lulu Admin Admin
    The holiday season has slowed some things with Amazon, but if you're at the 8 week mark it should have listed by now. I made you a support case and asked that someone from our support team look into this.
  • marquesamarquesa Creator Creator
    Thank you, Paul. This was sorted out very quickly and I'm very grateful. Sorry it's been a couple of days late in the thank you, but had an issue with getting into the forum page this last 48 hours. This seems to be sorted out as well. Hope you guys at Lulu have a great Christmas.
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