Delayed Royalty Payments

Due to circumstances beyond my control- illness and bereavements- I lost track of my Royalty Payments. Went to order a book for a customer and popped over to look at sales and royalties.
Seems I haven't been paid for 16 months. Had a look at details and found my email address had been changed to a russian one. At no point in that 16 month period did anyone fron Lulu get in touch to let me know- lots of adverts but nowt else. Raised a ticket a couple of days ago but no reply as of now. So I thought I would raise it here.

Before anyone mentions personal security- we have an outward facing Linux firewall with built in virus scanner plus each machine on the network hes a key scrambler, firewall plus virus and malware scanners.

All I really want to know is: having corrected my details will the outstanding royalties be paid at the end of this month ?



  • I don't have the payment cycle data on hand, but I asked support to reach out to you with that through your case.
    We did implement an automated email notification to the account email whenever a payment contact is edited and saved, so it should notify you that a change has been made.
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