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Publishing on Lulu a print book also available on Amazon

Hi. A newbie author here. I have two books on Amazon both in ebook and print. The ebooks are on Kindle Unlimited so I can't do anything about them.

But the print books do not fall under the exclusivity provision of Kindle Unlimited though published under Amazon's Paperback Beta Program (with their own ISBN - though they are only valid within Amazon).

I want to broaden the print book circulation and thinking of doing it through Lulu and its Global reach program.

How do I go about it? And do I need to get a Lulu ISBN to show on the copyright page (together with the Amazon ISBN)?



  • You can publish through Lulu with Global reach, but you would need a new ISBN that you would only include in the Lulu edition. If you choose that route, you would have two editions of the same title listed on Amazon. Another option would be to delete the project from KDP Beta and republish through CreateSpace, selecting Expanded Distribution. CreateSpace will provide a free ISBN
  • Thanks! Highly appreciate the answer.
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