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How to view my own book?

I am new to lulu.com. I just finished publishing a book with lulu, but I want to see the whole book. Can I view my book for free, or should I purchase it before I view it? If I am allowed to view my book for free, how can I view it?


    If it's an e-book, you can download it free to your reading app. If it's a print book, you must purchase a first draft. Of course you can access your files and download them.
  • Thanks., Anthony. However, I still have not found the way to view my book. On the "This is your product" page, I click "download (free)" button, but popped up the project revise page. On the revise page, I can only access to "preview", but not the whole book. Could you please tell me in detail how to view my own book.
  • The files are on that revise page, down at the bottom. You'll see the interior and cover as separate files.
  • Yes, I find the way. Thanks to you all.
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