Publishing questions

I'm still in the process of writing my book; however, I do have some questions before I publish it.

I'm planning to publish on Lulu and utilizing the GlobalReach service. Are we limited to only selling our books through these platforms? I remember reading that somewhere, but now I can't find it.

I've been also researching Barnes & Noble's Nook self-publishing just to compare and, through them, if you meet certain sales requirements, you can potentially have your book sold in the store as well as book signings. Since Barnes & Noble is one of Lulu's GlobalReach platforms, is this still a possibility, or would it only be available by self-publishing strictly through Barnes & Noble? (Would like to have all the facts; I hope this question is okay to ask here)


  • For GlobalReach (or just selling on Lulu in general) the important thing to note is that your content is always yours. You can sell it anywhere you'd like!
    With distribution specifically, the only hold up would be other retailers. Amazon, for example, gets upset if you sell a book through Lulu (or any publisher) and list it yourself. They want to avoid that kind of duplication.

    As for Barnes & Noble, I don't believe our distribution service would qualify for the Nook publishing advantages. This sounds like something B&N does to entice users to publish with them.
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