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Hey everyone. I just recently finished my second novel and PublishNation sorted it out for me. I approved it but then I spotted a few mistakes a few days later. After being told they'd charge me £100 for changing my paperback and Kindle I did it myself (bit stressful as I had no idea what to do but I did it). Anyway, I ordered a new proof copy and it's now fine, and I approved it 6 days ago. For the past maybe 5 days on Amazon my paperback status says 'Temporarily out of stock.', even though it looks like you still place an order for a copy. I'll paste the link here:
Does anyone know why this is? I'm guessing it's cos I changed a few words so had to upload a new inside document and then buy a new copy from Lulu, and I guess it's gonna take some time before Amazon is updated? So I guess, A) will the 'Temporarily out of stock' status disappear soon, and B) if I ordered a copy now from Amazon would it be the old version or the new one? I'm still holding back from announcing my book to anyone as I don't want them buying a copy with a few errors in there. Thanks in advance! :)


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    As a rule it can take up to six weeks for your print version to actually become available on the Amazonian frontier.

    As well, since it's kind of sort of maybe hard to order a book that's temporarily out of stock it would be best to wait until everything is clear then when you or a customer order a copy, you or they will get the latest and greatest revision.
  • The status Amazon shows is (as far as I know) due to the new version being under review. If it doesn't disappear within a few weeks, I would touch base with Amazon support. They are on the hook for this, but will often kick you back to us. If that's the case, reach out to us again and we can verify that the newest version was sent for approval.

    Also, grats on taking on the revision process on your own! It can be daunting.
  • Thanks for the reply guys, appreciate it!
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