Print Ready File not working!

I've been publishing on Lulu for several years so I know what I am doing. Just getting that out there.


I am trying to get our latest book uploaded and it accepts the file but then when I make the print ready file it tells me there is an error. I thought maybe it was a site thing so I walked away last night only to be here again this morning with the same problem.  Doesn't matter if I send up a word document or a pdf.  I put in a trouble ticket and have no response and I really need to get this resolved.


Anyone else have this problem or have thoughts on fixing it?


  • I am also having this problem and little resolution from LuLu.  I am also experienced with converting files to PDF, can follow the simple instructions at LuLu, get to the print ready stage, then get the message to use the link for advice. This brings me right back to a page I have already looked at. Frustrating and of no help. I created a ticket and now get e-mails with the same link. What's happening here???
  • I'm getting errors at the printing stage and am getting a runaround from support who keeps giving me "guesses" but can't suggest any fix, they just cancel my order. Their support has gotten really really bad in the past year, never had any issues before.
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