We're aware of an issue with converting some DOC, DOCX, ODT, and RTF files to EPUB through our Ebook Wizard.
We've created this Forum Thread with some workarounds and advice to assist you in publishing you ebook.


Hi everybody,


new here. I was using the Content Creation Wizard to create a book and when I uploaded it I got a screen saying to please download for review which I did. Upon review it is a black page with nothing on it. The only option is to Save and Cotinue. Somehow I think that's the wrong course of action. When I open the pdf it looks fine. What should I do? 


  • Hi Tatsu,

    First, I would try downloading the PDF for review a second time. It sounds a little like the download failed.

    If you still see the print ready file as a blank page, reach out to our support team and they can assist you - www.lulu.com/support
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