I would like to generate a report showing the items below, but can't figure out how to get all my parameters in one report:


- List of all projects/titles I have for sale on Lulu

- Cost of printing

- my selling price

- how many I've told over time


I'm not seeing how to do this. Please advise.


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Unfortunately there is no way to do that. All you can do is list your book titles, see the number of books sold over any given period, and how much you earned in royalties on each sale.


    You might already know this, but if not, click on My Projects, then My Revenue then Build a Custom Report. Enter the date range you wish to use and then generate your report.

  • Analytics are pretty substantially lacking. You can generate a sales report spreadsheet on the My Revenues page, but aside from that we don't have anything to compile the data you're looking for.

    That said, our developer team is plugging away at a variety of updates to the software, and user analytics is on that list.
  • Personally, I maintain a spreadsheet on my laptop, and download the data from time to time when I'm curious.

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