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Can't find eBook on iBookstore

Hi there. I published an eBook on August 17th. I was informed via e-mail that it had passed Lulu's QA review, the book's Lulu page has it displayed as "available on the iBookstore," and if I click the button (on my computer) it redirects me to an itunes.apple.com page that seems to have everything in order (cover image, description, etc).


However, I can't find my book by searching the iBookstore on an iPad or iPhone. Is something wrong, or do I just need to wait a few more days/weeks for it to show up?


As a side note: my book's distribution page lists it as "Processed."


I apologize in advance if the answer to my question is obvious, but I'm still new to Lulu and this is my first post here, so please go easy on me.


The Armadillo with No Heart:


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