Embed sales widget?

I know I can get "buy now" buttons to place on my site via the "Promote" link on the "My Projects" page.  I also see a variety of sharing buttons on the product page for a specific book.  One of these buttons is "Embed" but it doesn't seem to do anything (tried on Chrome and Microsoft Edge, on Windows 10).  Is this intended to be a way of placing an iframe or other wdiget on my site?  I'd sure like it if that were possible!


Closest thing I see right now is to go ahead and use the Facebook button to share there, which apparently creates an image of the cover with some call-to-action text and a link back to the page on Lulu.  It's better than nothing, also better than a plain "buy now" button...


  • I would have to double check with our developers, but I believe we disabled the "embed" button a little while back because it was not functioning properly.
    I don't know where repairing this link stands in their schedule, but we're deeply involved in some major updates to the publishing tools, which should include improving our ability to provide embedded buttons.
  • Thanks. After posting I looked at the HTML for the page (!) and can see there isn't anything there, so I stopped worrying it was some sort of compatibility issue with my browser :-).

    Anyhow, know that this feature is one I'd value a lot. I've used Lulu for quite a few years and never needed this functionality before, but I am launching a new site and new books and would really want this.

    BTW, not that it's relevant, but one thing that is keeping me with Lulu for this project is that you guys are about the only ones who offer print-on-demand coil binding and a storefront. If I didn't need POD & coil, the lack of embed would probably be a deal-breaker.
  • Thanks for the feedback and I'll be sure to pass it on to our developer team.

    I'm not sure if this is interesting at all, but we do offer a Print API - allowing you to print all of our binding and book styles through an API connection on your site. You can check it out here: https://developers.lulu.com/
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