Changes are Coming!

Hi Lulu community!


I'm excited to announce that there will be some major changes in our forums in the near future.


You might notice on the lower right corner of the forum pages "powered by Lithium." We've been using Lithium to power our forums for 8 years. This fall, we'll be transitioning to a new provider - Vanilla Forums.


For most users, this change will mean a new layout and interface, as well as new options when posting. Vanilla offers some tools we are not utilizing now, such as a Question and Answer forum, Idea forums, and a variety of fun new posting options.


Our goal is to make the forum experience cleaner and easier for users. In particular, we want to ensure someone coming to Lulu for the first time with a question or concern can 1) find answers quickly; and 2) enjoy productive interactions with Lulu admins and our established authors.


We'll make this update sometime early in November, and over the coming weeks, I may message individuals with an invitation to check out the new forum so we can get some feedback. If anyone is interested in having an early look, private message me and I'll add you to our list. 


In this thread, I'll be available to answer questions anyone might have and to provide additional details as they become available. Please ask away!


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