How to write a book

I have known that I was going to write a book since I was in the third grade and as much I have tried to shake and avoid writint this book it is not happening. Is there anyone out there that can give me some guidance in getting this book written, this was dropped in my spirit as a child an i have no choice but to see if manifest.  You can also contact me at [email protected] thanks in advance and God bless.


  • What I would suggest is that you start by reading as much as possible. Look at the way sentences, paragraphs and chapters are structured. Think about the way the author conveys information to you, and the way he or she uses language and describes things. This is part of finding your own unique voice and style.


    Basically each sentence moves the paragraph along and each paragraph moves the chapter along so there is a progression. However, don't get too hung up on this, or too depressed. When you write a book you are communicating with readers so ideally you should have something to say. Your characters should go on some kind of journey. Use light and shade: by this I mean not all nasty characters are totally nasty and not all goody two shoes are totally pure.


    Some people sit down at a blank page and write their novel. Other people need to plot everything out in advance, with lists, charts and mind maps, etc. It is up to you to choose the method that works best for you.


    Remember, almost every single person on the planet thinks they can write a book. Few can. It takes skill and practice, practice and more practice.

  • There are several books by authors about writing books.


    Burglar In the Rye by Lawrence Block is an excellent story about a writer, for example, or

    Misery by Stephen King (though a bit gruesome in places).


    The Art of Fiction by John Gardner is a great non-fiction book about the writing process.


    There is also a thread on this forum that discusses writing:


    You will also find, in the author workshop, a rather thorough discussion of writing in general, complete with challenge exercises and examples, in which people have asked for feedback on passages and even entire stories. You would be encouraged to do so as well.

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